First Responders Assaulted

2 Butte County paramedics and a Chico firefighter are okay after being assaulted during a medical call early Wednesday morning.

Butte medics were first on the scene a little after 2:30 am, when they responded to a call of a man having difficulty breathing in downtown Chico.

When EMTs, got there they tried to help 45-year-old Chico resident Roy Brown, but, instead of cooperating, the man actually punched both EMTs and then started running toward Broadway Street, which is when Chico firefighters called the police and asked for backup.

According to Chico Fire, Brown stopped about 75 feet from the truck and started yelling at them before opening the door and trying to pull the driver out of the fire engine.

A firefighter jumped out of the back seat and tackled Brown, but the truck was still in drive and rolling away; that’s when the captain tried to dive back in the truck to hit the emergency brake.

Unfortunately, his foot got pinned in the door when the firetruck crashed into the EMS van.

“Now my biggest concern is my captain, my captain is severely injured, in my mind. It couldn’t be any worse right now,” said Chico fire engineer Ken Smith, the one dragged out of the driver’s seat.

Fortunately, Smith soon realized neither the captain nor the EMTs were seriously injured.

However, this is the 3rd assault of a Chico firefighter just in the last month.

“It’s not a common, but it’s not an uncommon occurrence. We do everything we can to mitigate those circumstances,” said Chico Fire Chief William Hack.

Brown was medically cleared and taken to the Butte County jail.

He was arrested for 3 counts of battery on emergency personnel, 1 count of battery on emergency personnel with serious injury, and 1 count of carjacking.


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