Oroville Residents Remain Optimistic Despite Tough Year

2017 has been a rough year for residents in the Oroville area: first the Oroville Dam Spillway crisis, and now the Wall Fire has brought another disaster to the town of a little more than 16,000 people as well as the surrounding areas.

But, that’s not getting people down, and many still believe Oroville is the best place in the world.

Patrick Butler owns the Wagon Wheel in Oroville, and he said he’s never been so busy in the 40 years he’s been there.

This year the market has been making sandwiches and lunches for the Spillway workers and the Wall Fire responders, causing employees to basically work non-stop.

From her house, Mayor Linda Dahlmeier had front row seats for both disasters, but like many of the residents, she believes there’s very little this city can’t get through.

“Miraculous. It’s miraculous. It’s charming, it’s fun, there is so much to do here,” said Dahlmeier.

“Resilient. We’re going to be here. We’re going to be here doing our thing, and it’s a great, great town and we are lucky to live here,” said Patrick Butler.

They both said people can say all the negative things they want, but you can do that for any place.

They also said it’s been amazing to see the community put aside its differences and come together to help in a time of need.


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