Highway 70 Claims 3 More Lives, Brings Year’s Total to 7

On Tuesday morning, Highway 70 has claimed the lives of 3 more people after a head-on crash in south Oroville, south of Ophir road.

In the last 10 years, 19 people have been killed on this deadly stretch of highway 70 between Marysville and Oroville, 7 of them have been this year, including the 3 killed in a head on collision on Tuesday morning.

According to the CHP, a pickup crossed the dotted lines to make a pass and sideswiped a car in the opposite lane, causing that car to smash into two other cars. Three men were pronounced dead at the scene.

“It’s like doing a tour in Afghanistan driving this road, I mean your chances of getting killed on this road are higher than normal,” said Former Oroville Mayor Steve Jernigan, whose brother was killed by a drunk driver on that stretch in 2011.

His brother was driving with his wife, who died 2 years later, shortly after recovering from the injuries of the accident.

“So the same drunk driver, in my opinion, killed both of them that day,” he said.

Jernigan is still urging elected officials to invest the money to improve this highway.

He says though no amount of money will bring his big brother back, he wants Bruce’s story to help improve this dangerous road for other people’s loved ones.

“Every person that’s driving this car belongs to some family; somebody loves them somewhere, and it’s just tragic,” he said.

The CHP does not believe drugs or alcohol to be a factor in Tuesday morning’s crash.


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